Chef's Specialties
Dish NameDish DetailsPrice   Qty   Customize
General Tsao’s Chicken* $10.50
Sesame Chicken $10.50
Orange Chicken* $10.50
China TownShrimp, beef, and chicken with broccoli, mushroom, carrot, baby corn, and napa in special chef’s sauce.$10.95
Four Treasures*Scallop, shrimp, pork and chicken sautéed with selected vegetables in spicy garlic sauce.$10.95
Cathay Combo*Chicken, beef & shrimp with baby corn, mushroom, carrot, water chestnut and celery in special spicy sauce.$10.95
Empress Chicken*Crispy chicken, broccoli, baby corn, mushroom, carrot sautéed in spicy garlic sauce.$10.50
Empress Shrimp*Crispy shrimp, broccoli, baby corn, mushroom, and carrot sautéed in spicy garlic sauce.$10.95
Dragon & PhoenixLarge shrimp with vegetables and orange chicken side by side.$10.95
Honey Seared Chicken $10.95
Seafood DelightShrimp, scallop, imitation crab meat sautéed with broccoli, mushroom, baby corn & snow peas.$11.50

* Spicy